Our mission is to provide world-class projects to our tenants and investors.

We partner with globally renowned architectural design firms and engineering consultants.

We acquire strategically located properties for our office, residential and industrial projects.

We have firmly established sustainability in our corporate culture. We use innovative design and technology to minimize energy use, to benefit our stakeholders and the communities where we operate.


Everything we do is guided by a set of principles that define our culture and character. They help us set the right goals, define our priorities and build an effective team.
They reflect decades of learning from our clients, our partners, and our employees.

Building sustainably is a necessity

Our word is our bond

We share credit for successes and responsibility for failures

Transparency and communication are the basic ingredients of a partnership

Balance and community engagement are highly encouraged

We are proud of the distinctive quality and design of our projects

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, not the standards set by others

We embrace our obligation to the communities where our projects are located

Win-win solutions are the norm, not the outlier

Focus on creating extraordinary value for our tenants and investors



Our collaborative team brings their proven expertise to every aspect of real estate development to meet the needs of prestigious firms around the world.


Our in-house professionals carefully analyze each investment opportunity uncovered through our understanding of key markets. Our intimate local market knowledge and extensive network of property owners, banks, brokers and local government leaders, provide us with a competitive advantage in sourcing and closing quality investments, both on- and off-market.


Our professionals have a well-established track record in overseeing the design and construction of high-quality projects. This ensures that our projects remain both on time and on-budget for end-users and investors. Our expertise and experience stretch across all asset classes—commercial, mixed-use and residential.


Our in-house professionals have solid relationships with tenants and brokers in the markets where we operate. We constantly update our market knowledge to provide continual value for our investors. We leverage on long-standing relationships, which result in off-market transactions.


We oversee all aspects of our buildings’ operations, including engineering, security, fire safety and maintenance. We focus on creating value and maximizing long-term profitability, while striving to be the landlord of choice in the markets where we operate.


Our buildings are distinguished by their superior performance and high efficiency. We use technology and innovation to reduce energy use and waste, and to better manage our resources. We deliver superior performance and opportunities for our investors and provide real estate of enduring value for our tenants and the community.


Our world-class properties attract prominent local and global organizations across all industries.


We are active in the most prominent organizations locally and globally to gain new perspectives, new business and new relationships.