We provide property management services with an inherent passion for quality, sincerity, flexibility, and putting the customer’s perspective first. We manage globally competitive structures and cultivate them from mere buildings into nurtured spaces that promote effectivity, efficiency, and creativity.


To establish ourselves both as a proactive, efficient and effective manager of projects, properties, and assets and a key player in a real estate group that collectively creates world-class sustainable, nurturing and thriving spaces built for today’s needs and the future’s demand.


As a company that prides itself in premier property, project, and asset management, we aspire to constantly deliver the utmost quality and flexibility no matter the task or hurdle in order to serve as the eponymous property ‘solution’ for both developers and tenants.


Drive for Success

Pursuing success by ensuring that goals set are not only met but exceeded through efficiency, quality and excellent problem-solving in every step.

Passion for Excellence

A curated team of passionate managers who not only have expertise but more importantly carry the desire to serve, nurture, and guide with excellence.

Sincerity in Service

Sincere in our mandate and willing to put the clients’ perspectives ahead of our own is DPS’ brand of service.