Daiichi Adopts a Classroom

As a property developer, owner and a BGCitizen, Daiichi Properties embraces its obligation to the communities where we operate. Earlier this year, we joined Fort Bonifacio Development Foundation (FBDF) in our shared mission to empower communities through education.

The Adopt-a-School Program was organized by FBDF to provide the children of Barangay Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City with a new public elementary school.

For a long time, students in Barangay Fort Bonifacio would commute and even walk five (5) kilometers a day to attend schools located in Pasay or Makati. Through the Adopt-a-School Program, Barangay Fort Bonifacio finally opened its first public elementary school this 2017. The new Gat Andres Bonifacio Elementary School is four storeys tall, has more than 20 classrooms and has a library and computer laboratory.

Daiichi Properties firmly believes in the importance of education and its power to improve lives. Together with our fellow BGCitizens, we adopted a classroom in the new school and outfitted it with furniture. Students can now enjoy learning in their new classrooms equipped with sufficient chairs, shelves, teacher’s table and chair, window blinds, and a built-in projector with screen.