Daiichi Marches to Fitness with FitBit Challenge

In Daiichi, we strive to promote the health and wellbeing of each our team members. As part of the company’s wellness program, we started the Daiichi FitBit Challenge that combines healthy competition with fun. To support this program, the FitBit team has created for Daiichi the first corporate FitBit community in the Philippines and interactive team challenges specially designed for corporate wellness.

Each member of the Daiichi family has been gifted with a FitBit Inspire digital watch that tracks a person’s steps. Members can compete individually and as a group based on their Department.

The challenge started last February 2020 and will run every month for six months. Every day of the challenge, each team’s daily steps will be collected and averaged. Those daily averages will be added to create an overall total score. The team with the highest step score by the end of each month wins.

With the first month of the challenge completed, the Purchasing and IT Department came out on top with a total score of 742,629. Congratulations!


Congratulations also to the individual winners who had the most number of steps for the first month. The third place winner completed a total number of 984,443 steps; second place winner, 1,009,836, and the grand prize winner achieved an impressive 1,435,598 steps.



There are five more months to the Daiichi FitBit Challenge. Who will come out as the overall champion?