One Global Art in the City

Bonifacio Global City commenced the first ever “Art BGC NextAct One Festival” last May 2015. The weeklong festival featured live mural paintings, film showings, and musical performances from some of the Philippines’ best musicians. The Bonifacio Arts Foundation (BAFI) in partnership with Los Angeles-based gallery and art consultancy, LeBasse Projects, and local conglomerate, Globe Telecom, enlisted the help of contemporary international and local street artists to liven and brighten up the city’s walls.

The festivities kicked off on Saturday, May 23rd, when internationally renowned artists FAILE started working on their piece. Daiichi Properties’ very own building was tapped to be the canvass for the Brooklyn-based duo’s mural. The wall of the 28-storey One Global Place served as the blank canvass for FAILE’s artwork. They’re most known for works that are usually constructed from found visual imagery, and always aims to blur the line between “high” and “low” culture. Some of their more recent exhibitions demonstrated a critique of consumerism, and the integration of architecture, and site-specific research into their work.

People came to visit the site to witness the making of the mural first-hand. The result was a party. Daiichi Properties participated in packing the venue with food carts and a cocktail bar to serve the enthusiastic crowd as they moved to the heart-pumping beat of the music. FAILE’s contribution, aptly named “Wonderland”, to BGC’s art festival can be found at the side of One Global Place on the corner of 26th street and 5th Avenue.

Aside from FAILE, BAFI and LeBasse Projects also welcomed multidisciplinary artists Nate Frizzell, Cyrcle, Drew Merritt, AKA Corleone, and Kristin Farr, who worked alongside Filipino artists, Egg Fiasco and Anjo Bolarda. The public was not only able to witness them painting the murals live, they were also able to express their own creativity on a freedom wall. The wall was quickly filled with colorful designs and inspirational words as people crowded to input their own brand of art. One other wall was dedicated as well for a contest among skilled street artists. The best mural won its artist P10,000.00 worth of Vans merchandise.

The festival’s film and music came on the 30th, its closing day. They featured a documentary film festival at the Bonifacio Highstreet Amphitheater featuring filmmakers Blaine Suque, Dissident Pictures, Aleks Kocev, and Shutterpanda. The films shown were taken during the weeklong festivity. Notable local musicians Pupil, Taken By Cars, She’s Only Sixteen, BP Valenzuela and more also performed at the amphitheater in conclusion to the first-of-its-kind festival.


Daiichi Properties is proud to have been a part of the Art BGC ONE Festival. The festival aimed to create a unique sense of place and showcase the inclusive nature of public art through the creation of murals that could be enjoyed by both a local and international audience.