Project Ugnayan: Daiichi Joins Hands with the Business Community to Support 7.6 million Filipinos

As the world is faced with the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Daiichi Properties remains committed to supporting people impacted by this crisis, especially in the communities where we operate.

The company is doing its part in helping the country by joining forces with over 50 business groups in the Project Ugnayan initiative to support over 7 million of our poorest countrymen in the Greater Manila area during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. It is an initiative to support those whose livelihoods are most affected by the current situation.

To date, Project Ugnayan, the fund-raising initiative led by top business groups in cooperation with the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF), has reached 1,522,569 families or 7,612,845 people in just over three weeks.

The funds are used to support two feeding programs: (1) Project Damayan, led by Caritas Manila, which provides supermarket gift certificates to poor families, and (2) Pantawid ng Pag-Ibig, led by ABS-CBN, which provides food and basic necessities to the vulnerable population.

Caritas Manila’s Project Damayan, the project’s main distributor of emergency cash through P1,000 supermarket gift certificates has reached more than 1 million families. Meanwhile, ABS-CBN’s Pantawid ng Pagibig has reached almost 240,000 families through food packs delivered through local government units. The number of families reached will continue to rise as program partners continue to deliver.

Daiichi Properties will remain steadfast in our commitment to people and communities, and will continue to look for ways to help during this global crisis.

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