Safely Reopening Society: A Special Talk by Dr. Eric Schulze

As we prepare for a return to work, and the “new normal”, many questions remain. Are we still at risk from Covid-19? What have we learned about the disease, and how worried should we be, as managers, as high rise community members and as individuals?  How is this “new normal” likely to look, and most importantly, what steps can we take to minimize the risks?

Last May 29, 2020, Daiichi Properties invited Dr Eric Schulze, MD, PhD, a noted medical entrepreneur, researcher and commentator, for a special webinar to answer these questions for members of the Daiichi community.

Dr Schulze is the CEO of Lifetrack Medical Systems, a pioneer in the field of remote diagnostics, cloud-based radiology, and health-care related AI.  Dr Schulze completed his MD and PhD in Biochemistry Biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco and his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital (the teaching hospital of Harvard University). He is the author or co-author of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as opinion pieces for CNN and other media outlets.  Prior to founding Lifetrack, Dr Schulze co-founded 24/7 Radiology, a pioneer in the offshore radiology business, that was acquired by NYSE-listed Alliance Healthcare Systems.

View the webinar recording:


You may also download Dr. Eric Schulze’s presentation at this link: