Fighting Fire – Daiichi Property Solutions 2018 Fire Fighting Exercises

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December 30, 2018

Last December 2018, Daiichi Property Solutions (DPS), the property management arm of Daiichi Properties, held the 2018 Fire Fighting Exercises at Mountview Industrial Complex Phase 2 (MVIC-2). In cooperation with the Bureau of Fire Protection – Carmona, the firefighting exercises aimed to instill fire safety consciousness, fire prevention information and fire safety measures to locators of Daiichi Industrial Park Special Economic Zone (DIPSEZ) and MVIC-2. The activity was also designed to test the locators’ firefighting capabilities, enhance their skills and foster camaraderie among them.

A total of 33 participants from 25 locators in the two industrial parks as well as the two admin security and maintenance companies participated in the firefighting activities. The activities were divided into four games that each highlight skills necessary for firefighting. These are Donning and Doffing, Hose Relay, Chemical Attack and Hose Laying, and Fire Rescue Technique. Locators of DIPSEZ and MVIC-2 formed two opposing teams, competing to be the best in each of the games.

The DIPSEZ team won the first two games, but the MVIC-2 team staged a comeback and won the last two games. With a score of 2-2, the 2018 Fire Fighting Exercises resulted in a tie between DIPSEZ and MVIC-2.

The DPS team would like to thank all the locators and participants in this first among many firefighting exercises. DPS is committed to providing sincere service and ensuring locator safety, and continues to pursue high quality maintenance services for DIPSEZ and MVIC-2.

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