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Mechanical Engineer

Oversees mechanical construction for horizontal and vertical projects under the owner-developer side, including coordinating teams and suppliers, and reporting progress across Daiichi Properties and its affiliates.

Mechanical Engineer (Fit-Out & Maintenance)

Oversees mechanical systems for Daiichi's completed projects in commercial and residential buildings and ensures equipment functionality, safety, and efficiency.

Electrical Engineer

Manages electrical projects from design review and bidding to on-site supervision and material estimation.

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Culture & Perks

Dynamic Environment

Work in a dynamic company where efforts build toward further growth

Like-minded Professionals

Collaborate with like-minded professionals within the organization and across the industry

Skill Building

Enhance your knowledge and acquire new skills through our comprehensive workshops and training programs

First, Wellness

Prioritize your well-being with our vaccination and wellness programs

Active Community

Experience balance and camaraderie through Daiichi’s engaging and meaningful activities

Growth Mindset

Realize your career goals with our customized management and performance appraisal system designed to support your professional growth

Daiichi Properties Office

Our Values

Our Word is our Bond

Our commitment to integrity is unyielding—we prioritize our people, clients, and stakeholders, assuring them that their trust in us is well-placed, as we steadfastly uphold our values and never falter in our obligations.

Building Trust

Trust is the foundation of our relationships. We seek to consistently build trust in every interaction by conducting ourselves in a professional and honest manner, one conversation, one action at a time.

Sense of Ownership and Accountability

We think long term and don’t sacrifice long term value for short term results. We embrace responsibility without reservation, never uttering the words ‘that’s not my job,’ as we recognize that each task contributes to the broader vision and prosperity of our organization.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We continuously seek areas for improvement, striving to elevate our performance.  We remain dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, confident that our collective efforts will yield impactful results.

Walk the Talk

We adhere to the alignment between what we say and what we do. We inspire our team by modeling the values we want to see from our members, fostering a culture of integrity and accountability within our organization.

Leads on Purpose

We embrace purpose-driven leadership, igniting a vision rooted in service and excellence. This connection to a higher purpose not only propels us forward but also empowers us to make a meaningful impact on those around us.

Looks at the Bigger Picture

We go beyond what we do at the moment. We go back to our “why” to examine our impact and our actions. We believe that each one of us is a part of something bigger.

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