Gifts of Christmas: A Fun-filled Daiichi Community Holiday Activity

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December 23, 2021

Every Christmas, the Daiichi Properties and the Building Management Teams of The Finance Centre, World Plaza, One World Place and One Global Place would organize some light holiday activities for the Daiichi tenant community. This 2021 holiday season, the organizing team brought joy, fun and inspiration with “Gifts of Christmas”, a collection of fun-filled activities with surprise gifts and treats.

The holiday activity kicked off with Christmas Gift Hunt on December 3, a one-day affair with eager hunters searching for special QR codes scattered around the building common areas. Persistent and lucky players who were able to scan the special QR codes were rewarded with gift certificates such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and Wildflour.

The tenant community racked their brains with the Lucky Christmas Jar game on December 10, attempting to guess the number of candies and treats within the glass jar at the building lobbies. The players with the closest guesses were able to win cash prizes and bags of treats.

What would the Christmas activity be without the photo challenge tradition. For this year, the photo challenge theme is “A Safe Christmas”. Considering the current environment, we need to remind ourselves to celebrate the holidays in a safe way. The participants with the best entries in the photo challenge were awarded with cash prizes.

The Gifts of Christmas holiday activity culminated with a Christmas Raffle, with all participants from the previous games and challenge eligible for the raffle. Lucky participants were able to win gifts certificates and cash prizes up to P5,000.

Daiichi Properties and the building management teams would like to extend its gratitude to everyone who participated in the Gifts of Christmas activity. We look forward to sharing more fun-filled activities with the tenant community in the coming year.

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