Global companies make their home in Daiichi’s award-winning building

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July 24, 2018

Fast-forward to 2018 and that vision has become a reality with global companies, who are leaders in their own industries, making World Plaza their corporate address.

What makes the building appealing to these global companies is the combination of outstanding features and facilities. From double-glazed fully unitized curtain wall that maximizes natural lighting to a VRF air-conditioning system that ensures thermal comfort, the 27-story structure offers tenants with the best working environment.

To complement the world-class structure, Daiichi Properties provides the same level of world-class property management through its subsidiary, Daiichi Property Solutions. DPS consists of a curated team of passionate managers who are experts in their field but, more important, are dedicated to provide solutions to tenants’ concerns.

To reaffirm its commitment for efficient management and a new system that will ensure that all tenant concerns will be addressed in a fast, efficient and effective manner, Daiichi Properties, together with DPS, recently hosted a warm welcome and thanksgiving event for World Plaza tenants and their 2,000 employees.

“Daiichi Properties is honored that these companies chose us to be their corporate address. We take pride not just of our location and amenities but also of the efficient service that our teams provide. We would just like to reiterate to our tenants our commitment to be able to make their stay here at World Plaza as convenient and comfortable as possible,” said Daiichi Properties Senior Vice President Charmaine Uy.

The full-day activity was filled with fun and games and activities for tenant employees, plus a shower of prizes for participants. The event culminated in an evening of socials and networking with top officials and managers of World Plaza tenants in attendance.

During the socials, Daiichi Properties introduced the DPS team tasked to manage the building and the new customer service team who is responsible for handling all tenant concerns.

“Our new customer service team is dedicated to respond fast, efficiently and more effectively to all requests coming from our tenants,” added DPS General Manager Atty. Joel Cruz.

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