Refreshing treats for the Daiichi Community

Community Treats is a project of Daiichi Properties and Daiichi Properties Solutions to engage tenants in different types of activities and build a community within the Daiichi-developed buildings, such as The Finance Centre, One Global Place, One World Place and World Plaza.

To begin the Community Treats this year, we had the pleasure of treating our tenant community to fresh fruit cups, helping them boost their immune system this rainy season. We also challenged the community with brain-teasing trivia questions on health and nutrition. Through these treats and games, we aim to refresh the community the importance of keeping healthy and fit.

The event was held at the building lobbies of The Finance Centre and One Global Place on June 21, and One World Place and World Plaza on June 27.

We would like to thank our tenant community for the continued support and engagement. We are committed to organizing more events and initiatives that enhance your experience as part of our workplace community.