Christmas in a Shoebox

In the spirit of the holidays, Daiichi Properties, in partnership with Fort Bonifacio Development Foundation, shared their mission of bringing people together in building hope and creating a better future by participating in BGC’s annual Christmas initiative.

The “BGC Christmas Shoebox Project” is a community engagement program that aspires to bring companies, locators and BGCitizens to participate in a grand gift donation drive for the benefit of children in various Taguig communities. As a property developer, owner and operator in BGC, Daiichi Properties worked closely with FBD Foundation in being a catalyst for businesses and residents of BGC to reach out to its neighbors.

The firm recognizes the importance and impact businesses have on the local communities and environment they operate in and has placed great significance in taking time to give back. Last December 10, members of the Daiichi team came together to bring joy and laughter this Christmas and spent their weekend filling up 200 shoeboxes with gifts and wrapping them up for distribution.

Children from Brgy. Ususan, Taguig City will be receiving the presents from Daiichi. The team has been closely coordinating with FBD Foundation in ensuring that the gifts will reach the kids just in time for Christmas morning.